Wegenatlas Pan-Amerika noord - ITMBWegenatlas Pan-Amerika noord - ITMB
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Wegenatlas Pan-Amerika noord - ITMB

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Wegenatlas Pan-Amerika noord - ITMB

Wegenatlas voor het noord-Amerikaanse gedeelte van de Panamericana (Pan-American Highway). Van Alaska langs the Pacific kust van British Colombia in Canada, de staten Washington, Oregon en Californie, Mexico, Guatemala tot Panama. De atlas is van A5 formaat en bevat diverse stadsplattegronden. De staten hebben verschillende schalen.

Pan-Americana North Travel Atlas in a handy A5, paperback format showing the course of the Pan-American Highway from its northern point in Prudhoe Bay in Alaska, across western Canada and USA and along the Pacific coast of Mexico and Central America, to Yaviza in southern Panama. Several city centre street plans are included.

The atlas has the cartography of various ITMB country and regional maps, so scales vary. Maps for the US and Canadian parts of the route are at 1:1,500,000 for Alaska and Yukon, 1:900,000 for British Columbia, and 1:1,000,000 for Washington State, Oregon and California. Street plan for that part of the route cover Whitehorse AK, Watson Lake, Victoria and Vancouver in Canada, plus Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego on the Pacific coast of US.

Mexico is covered at 1:1,000,000 and the Central American states at a slightly smaller scale of 1:1,100,000, with an enlargement for the Panama Canal Zone and accompanying street plans of Ensenada, La Paz, Mexicali, San Jose del Cabo, and Tijuana in Mexico; no plans of Central American cities are included.

The countryside surrounding the Pan-American Highway in presented on mapping with altitude colouring; heights are given in metres within Canada, Mexico and Central America, and in feet in the US. On mapping of Alaska/Yukon, Mexico and the Central American countries locations of petrol stations are marked. Symbols highlight various places of interest. Some of the sections have latitude and longitude lines, and the atlas is indexed.

The size of street plans varies from two pages for the larger US and Canadian cities, to smaller half- or quarter-page insets elsewhere. All highlight selected accommodation and/or other facilities.

Wegenatlas Pan-Amerika noord - ITMB
Wegenatlas Pan-Amerika noord - ITMB
Wegenatlas Pan-Amerika noord - ITMB
Wegenatlas Pan-Amerika noord - ITMB
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