Relief globe Orbit 3-Dimensioneel 64cmRelief globe Orbit 3-Dimensioneel 64cm
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Relief globe Orbit 3-Dimensioneel 64cm

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3D Reliefglobe (relief voelbaar zowel op het land, als in de zee), bol (zonder licht) doorsnede 64 cm globebol doorsnede op een metalen standaard met wielen eronder - de globe is zeer geschikt voor de klas of museum

This is the only raised relief globe which is almost an exact replica of earth, it is an unique demonstration device and is very impressive through its size and the visual effect. This raised relief globe shows an authentic scale picture view of the whole world and its oceans, continents and mountain ranges; on the ocean floor and the continent surface. All the countries are shown in true size relative to each other.
The globe is 64 cm in diameter and is the equivalent to a World map of 2 x 2 m. This comparison makes one realize the impressive size of the relief globe.

The physical relief globe shows through its single colour shading (blue,green,brown) the contours of not only the surface of the earth, but also the contours of the ocean bed - Plains and towering mountains are clearly visible - The mysteries of the oceans, valley rifts, submarine mountain ranges are within reach.
By conventional globes it is mistakenly assumed that green represents woodlands, fertile areas and arable land. This relief globe expels this mistake because of the surface structure.

The difference in height between the Himalayan Mountains and the Marianne-Rift is approximately 4 cm.
In Asia it is clear to perceive that the Indian plate moves beneath the Himalayan Mountains.
The three different plates below Japan demonstrates why Japan is an earthquake endangered area.
A flood of knowledge in geology and oceanography. Immerse yourself in the morphology of the ocean bed, its tectonic phenomena, transforming currents, diverging and converging plate edges.
The continental base and it?s continental shelf is evidently visible and is predominant due to the contrast in colour.
The chain formation on the ocean bed and on land gives an impressive survey of the plate tectonics of our earth.
Due to the different surfaces of the earth, the climate and the ocean currents are influenced. The best example is North America, it shows very clearly why tornados appear in the southern states of America. The funnel formation of the plains between the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachian Mountains shows that warm- and cold front mass collide resulting in turbulences.
The Antarctic is, as the sixth continent almost unknown, on conventional maps, the Antarctic is shown greatly distorted.

Scale 1:20.000.000
Super elavation to 3000m 60 times / from 3001m 30 times

Diameter:26? / 64 cm
Total height: 52" / 130 cm including wheel stand

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