Places in Syria: A Pocket Grand Tour - Reisgids Syrie - Francis RussellPlaces in Syria: A Pocket Grand Tour - Reisgids Syrie - Francis Russell
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Places in Syria: A Pocket Grand Tour - Reisgids Syrie - Francis Russell

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In deze compacte gids beschrijft Francis Russel 57 plekken die u gezien moet hebben in Syrië, een land dat steeds meer bezocht wordt, vooral door hen die geïnteresseerd zijn in kunst, cultuur en klassieke beschavingen. Engelstalig.

Places in Syria, A Pocket Grand Tour - By Francis Russell - Frances Lincoln

In this compact guide, the erudite and highly readable Francis Russell describes fifty-seven places in Syria, a country that for millennia has been close to the very pulse of what we term civilization.
Following an itinerary that allows the independent sightseer to see as many major monuments in their proper contexts as is practical in a limited time, he travels from the walled city of Damascus with its mosques and museums to Krak des Chevaliers, the ne plus ultra of the medieval castle. On the way he visits cities, towns and desert villages, including Palmyra, one of the great classical sites of the Near East; the great monastery of St Simeon, at the heart of the series of 'dead cities' of Byzantine times; Hama and its famous nourias, the great wooden wheels used to raise water from the river; and many other wonders besides.
Russell's easy and elegant ability to share with the reader his knowledge of Syria's history, geography and culture makes the book, like his earlier one on Italy, 'like a conversation with a well-informed friend. He tells you exactly what you want to know, in the most succinct terms' (Country Life).


1. Damascus
2. Ezraa
3. Bosra
4. Qanawat
5. Shahba
6. Shaqqa
7. The Ledja
8. Seidnaya; and Maalula
9. Deir Mar Mousa
10. Dumeir
11. The Way to Palmyra: Khan al-Manquora; the Harbaqa Dam; Qsar al-Heir al-Gharbi; and Khan al-Hallabat
12. Palmyra
13. Qasr al-Heir al Sharqi
14. Deir al-Zor
15. Qalaat Rahbba
16. Dura Europos
17. Mari
18. Baghuz
19. Halebiye; and Zalebiye
20. Raqqa
21. Resafa
22. Qalaat Jaber
23. Meskene
24. Qalaat Najim
25. Aleppo
26. Cyrrhus
27. Ain Dara
28. Qalaat Semaan: Saint Simeon
29. Deir Semaan; Sitt al-Rum; Qatura; and Refade
30. Kharrab Shams; Kallotto; and Barad
31. Baqirha; Bamuqqa; and Qalb Lozeh
32. Harim; Harench
33. Ebla
34. Jeradeh; and Ruweiha
35. Bara
36. Serjilla
37. Maarat al-Numan
38. Hama
39. Qasr Ibn Wardan
40. Anderin
41. Isriya
42. Masyaf
43. Shaizar
44. Apamea
45. Qalaat Burzey
46. Bakas; and Shughur
47. Qalaat Saladin; Saone
48. Ugarit
49. Jeble
50. Qalaat Marqab; Margat
51. Qalaat al-Kahf
52. Tartus; Tortosa
53. Arwad
54. Amrit
55. Qalaat Yahmur; and Safita: Chastel Rouge; and Chastel Blanc
56. Husn Suleiman
57. Qalaat al-Husn: Krak des Chevaliers
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